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Welcome to the paintings section of this gallery.  Please click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger and more detailed image (hint: please be patient).  Enjoy!

redogaller6.jpg (26085 bytes)

Spring Bounty

redogaller10.jpg (54927 bytes)

Spring Bounty 2

redogaller4.jpg (27872 bytes)

Silk Screen*

redop000079.jpg (83367 bytes)

Spiral Dance

blueprint.jpg (33891 bytes)

Sunday Blues (Print)

flowerpainting.jpg (77271 bytes)


01leaves.jpg (79522 bytes)

Falling Through

01postageflowers.jpg (55777 bytes)

Ocean View

01ray.jpg (102226 bytes)

The Sleeper Awakes

mannmoon.jpg (87473 bytes)

Man in the Moon

3-19bluehands.jpg (81929 bytes)

3-19flowerwatercolor.jpg (53208 bytes)

*In collaboration with Doug Boyd

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