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Heart Gallery
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Heart to Heart

Welcome to the third (wow!) page of this gallery.  Please click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger and more detailed image (hint: please be patient).  Enjoy!

01heartdove.jpg (66526 bytes)

01heartotem.jpg (50985 bytes)

picheartvase.jpg (109713 bytes)

funkyheart.jpg (52495 bytes)

01wireheart.jpg (65595 bytes)

bestheart.jpg (60215 bytes)

spiralheartvas.jpg (48296 bytes)

heartnglass.jpg (19578 bytes)

rainbowdoveheart.jpg (34159 bytes)

3-19heartpansy.jpg (47927 bytes)

3-19heartzigzag.jpg (37645 bytes)

This Gallery opened Jan. 23, 2001

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