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Gallery 2
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Welcome to the continued section of the main gallery.  Please click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger and more detailed image (hint: please be patient).  Enjoy!

firsteelwreath.jpg (101525 bytes)

SteelX-mas Wreath

greekmuse.jpg (36739 bytes)

Greek Muse

metalburst.jpg (73169 bytes)

Metal Burst

objectivecandlepers.jpg (25841 bytes)

Objective Steel Torso

rainbowplattorso.jpg (26543 bytes)

Rainbow Figure

roadhand.jpg (43997 bytes)

Painted Hand

spiralshellvase.jpg (22832 bytes)

Spiral Shell Vase

spiraltorso.jpg (28548 bytes)

Spiral Torso

starcuwreath.jpg (38981 bytes)

Star Wreath

starpersngrn.jpg (26425 bytes)

Green Painted Figure

starpersnwht.jpg (22454 bytes)

Steel Star Figure

starpersonbb.jpg (19667 bytes)

Blue Star Figure

sunpersonstl.jpg (22244 bytes)

Lrg. Steel Sun Figure

wallmoon.jpg (48302 bytes)

Moon Rising

whitemoon.jpg (29108 bytes)

White Moon

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