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Welcome to the Metaltique Gallery

All of the artwork below was created by Sharon Boynton.  Please click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger and more detailed image (hint: please be patient).  To the left (or use the links below) you see another section of this gallery, please don't forget to stop by.  These art pieces' pictures were taken by a digital camera- which guarantees that these images will be of high quality.  Isn't technology wonderful?  Enjoy!

wingdcopperindi.jpg (59580 bytes)

Winged Copper

P0000148.jpg (267729 bytes)

Moon Face

redogaller8.jpg (30939 bytes)

Blue Tropics!

redop000055.jpg (60324 bytes)

Copper Offering

redop0000patooey.jpg (69618 bytes)

Summer Wind

redop0torsobox.jpg (57090 bytes)


redogaller2.jpg (77362 bytes)

Blue Roses

angel.jpg (59707 bytes)

Copper Angel

copperindiwannabe.jpg (62283 bytes)

Copper Sky

dancemoon.jpg (68210 bytes)

Dancing on the Moon

bluesmlgodes.jpg (52216 bytes)

Blue Figure Candle Holder

bluesteelhoop.jpg (82038 bytes)

Steel Torso On Hoops

coppereye.jpg (30943 bytes)

Copper Eye

dancinstelhand.jpg (23363 bytes)

Steel Hand

dragonflyvase.jpg (39005 bytes)

Dragonfly Vase

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